Terms of sales

Our sales conditions refer to the agreement between the buyer and the seller of goods and services.

Article 1

All tenders are without obligation. Orders are valid only after written confirmation by Pagoda International n.v. all prices are net. Delivery terms are provided for information purposes only and are not binding. Possible delay or partial delivery of the goods, gives no reason to indemnification or annulment of the sale agreement. The transport of goods always takes place in all directions on the responsibility of the customer. Pagoda International n.v. is not responsible for possible damages of goods that might occur during this transport. Pagoda International n.v. has the right to deliver in several times on its own initiative. The transport charges are always at the expense of the customer. All complaints must be submitted in writing within 8 days after receipt of goods. Under no circumstances the lodging of a complaint by the customer permits to postpone the payment. If the buyer defaults on his obligations, the seller reserves the right to cancel the contract and to claim indemnification due to breach of contract. This indemnification is fixed at 35% of the sales price owed.

Article 2

Each exception to these conditions must be agreed upon in writing and explicitly accepted by Pagoda International n.v. 

Article 3

Unless otherwise stipulated, all invoices are payable against delivery. Every invoice not paid by the due date will result in an interest penalty of 1% monthly, legally and without prior formal notice. In addition, a fixed indemnification of 10% or a minimum of 250 is added to the invoice amount. Claims concerning the invoice or the implementation of the agreement must be sent to us in writing within 8 days after the invoice date.

Article 4

Goods delivered remain the property of Pagoda International n.v. until full payment has been received. The buyer agrees and obligates himself to the unconditional and immediate return ofgoods delivered, but not paid for, to Pagoda International n.v. after notice of default.The buyer explicitly agrees to this retention of ownership.

Article 5

Only Belgian law and the Courts of Hasselt (Belgium) are competent to settle disputes arising from this agreement, regardless of the location or country where these disputes might occur.

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