PAGODA offers 5 exclusive collections:


We look for, restore and offer unique and antique items that come from of Asian.
This collection holds unique, antique pieces from the Far East with a certificate of authenticity, selected for the experienced collector as well as for the passionate amateur.
With great care the specialist restorers in our workshop will apply a finishing touch to give the customer the ultimate satisfaction of owning something unique.

RC Reconstruction

Great value for an affordable price. Reconstructed antique furniture, rebuilt from the original base and restored using ancient wood and techniques.
Rebuilt by hand by the best craftsmen with the utmost care and with respect for the past to create exquisite treasures.

UC Upcycling

Creation by combining antique items with modern design. Our craftsmen create new furniture using old materials, for example old wooden window sills that we turn into consoles or old wheels that become side tables.
We believe in more than just a great design and functionality; we are inspired by the stories and background of our items and love to share these with you. These items are different, special and unique. These items are different, special and unique. They have their individual character, specific patina, own colour, weathering and finish. No two pieces are alike. They are authentic and that is what real beauty is all about.

RP Reproduction

Handmade reproductions of authentic pieces to ensure you’ll never forget the past. Constructed by the finest craftsmen with carefully chosen materials and new ideas.
The use of ancient techniques ensures each piece has the same look as the original piece it was based on. While becoming a vivid memory of the past,
these reproductions allow us to be innovative and creative without forgetting the past.


Our in- and outdoor furniture collection was designed by Studio PAGODA. The cushions of our sofas are made of quick dry foam and are covered with Sunbrella fabric or NANO fabric.
The versatility of the collection allows a large variety of custom made solutions.

New Arrivals are now available for order, make sure to get yours as soon as possible!

Discover our new designs and unique finds here.

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