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    World living asian furniture

    Fantastic designs and pure colors.

    Antiques, reconstructed ancient furniture and reproductions respecting the past.

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    East meets West

    Impressive selection of authentic Asian furniture and decorative elements

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    Upcycling and creation of items

    We are inspired by the stories and background of our items

    and love to share these with you.

  • Turquoise antique large cabinet and unique black ceramic vase

    Uniques & Antiques

    Our specialist restaurateurs in our own workshop will bring the final touch

    to give their possessor the ultimate satisfaction of ownership.

Turquoise small cabinet with marble buddha head sculpture.


Antigua In-Side-Out sofa set of 7


Welcome to Pagoda International 

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East meets West

Pagoda‘s impressive selection of authentic Asian furniture and decorative elements arrives directly from China and Japan. It is amazing to see how easily Asian art blends with a variety of Western interiors, from classic and traditional styles to modern design.
For more than four decades, Pagoda has continued this passion, building a solid reputation based on commitment to excellence, authenticity, quality, selection, and above all, service. Pagoda is a true authority when it comes to bringing the East to the West.

Professional passion

Thanks to our staff’s professionalism, passion and dedication, we can confidently offer our customers exceptional service and quality.

And you.

We take delight in assisting our worldwide clientele -- antique dealers, interior designers, private collectors, and individuals -- to find exactly what they require.

Enjoy browsing our extensive catalog. Please feel free to contact us with your questions.