Tales of Asia
PAGODA is a love story. The founders, Raymond Engels and Betty Akiko Kimura, met in Tokyo - Japan and got married in 1953..

Two cultures came together. They wanted to show and share their love for Asia. Asian furniture, art and decoration became the passion they wanted to introduce in the West.

They founded PAGODA in 1964 and have been importing antique and unique items, arts and crafts since then.

Betty and Raymond passed on their passion to their daughter, Ingrid Engels, who joined them in 1989. Since then, PAGODA's mission, crossed more that 45 international borders.

Today, PAGODA International imports unique and antique pieces but we also upcycle, reconstruct and create beautiful Asian inspired pieces.
East meets West
PAGODA‘s impressive selection of authentic Asian furniture and decorative elements arrives directly from the East - China and Japan. It is amazing to see how beautifully Asian art blends with a variety of Western interiors, from classic and traditional styles to modern design.

Over the years, we have created an extensive sourcing network for finely crafted pieces of traditional Ming-style and Ch’ing period furniture and decorative objects. For more than five decades, we have continued this passion, building a solid reputation based on commitment to excellence, authenticity, quality, selection, and above all, service.

To discover the most exquisite treasures we personally travel to remote areas of China; Gansu, Shanxi, Shandong, Anhui, Fujian and even Tibet. Every PAGODA piece has been selected and chosen by Ingrid Engels CEO. Therefore our almost every item is an original piece embedded in the local history.
Our workshop and warehouse
Thanks to our staff's professionalism, passion and dedication, we can confidently offer our customers exceptional service and quality. Not only material and technique are of great importance, but also the craftsmanship and style.

Some of the items keep their original specifications, others are adapted. If these old and unique items are in good condition, we only refresh the lacquer and ensure its stability.

Sometimes the items require specific restauration in which case drawers, doors, backs, shelves, locks or other parts are replaced.

The items that are designed by PAGODA studio, embrace the look and feel of the original design. Before shipping the items to our worldwide partners, every piece is checked, refinished and carefully packed by PAGODA’s in-house craftsmen.

Quality control is brought to the highest standards.