At Pagoda International each unique piece can be styled differently and you can add your own personal touch!

In today’s Blogpost we’ve styled our white cabinet in 3 different ways. It might not always be easy to find different ways to decorate your white furniture. We hope this post can help you find the inspiration you need!

Look 1: Modern

The perfect classic combination of black and white! The elegance of these colours work in every space. We mostly used black decoration objects like a jar and a Buddha head. If you have black and white coffee table books, don’t be afraid to give them a honour place on your cabinet. We recommend using larger items next to the cabinet and smaller objects on top of the cabinet. By adding strong but small items you create a minimal and modern look.

Look 2: Rustic

For the second look we went for a rustic feeling. Items with lots of character are your main focus here. To counter the hardness of the rustic objects we’ve opted for a orange/brown warm colour palette. Leaving you with the perfect balance. Dried flowers and candles are a great way to bring in that warm element.

Look 3: Natural

‘Calmness’ would be the word to describe this look. By using natural, peaceful elements your white cabinet will become the centrepiece. When it comes to decorating, keep it simple and minimal. Use natural wooden objects to counter the grey colour palette. Add simple branches in a jar our a buddha statue, to compliment the calm atmosphere.

Hopefully we inspired you to transform your cabinet. Don’t forget to follow us on Instagram for more inspiration and updates!

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