3 different ways to style your coffee table!

At Pagoda International each unique piece can be styled differently and you can add your own personal touch!
We decided to style our natural coffee table in 3 different ways. So that you might find that perfect look that fits your interior.

Look 1: Boho style

For the first look we started with a calm base using earth or natural wood colours.  We used a thin piece of wood as a coaster to put some candles on it. The details of the wood gives your look an extra dimension. We stored the cushions in a beautiful woven basket. The basket can also be used to hang as wall decoration. Items that have a multiple use are definitely a recommendation. Our statue and dried flowers help us achieve the boho touch.

coffee table styled in boho style

Look 2: Minimal

This look gives you clean and modern vibes. Choosing a black and white colour pallet can help get the perfect balance when combined with natural wood items.
Instead of putting the buddha on its own we put it in the glass container. This helps to transform the rustic style of the buddha to a more modern one by adding the sober glass box. Some coffee table books are always a good idea to give your look a finishing touch.

coffee table styled in minimal, modern style

Look 3: Rustic

A look that ‘radiates’ warmth. We chose an orange/brown colour palette. Adding different kinds of wood textures on top of the natural table is a great way to give your space more definition. Choosing to combine objects that are higher adds to the dynamic of the room. You can choose to replace the little stools with cushions. It’s an easy way to change the atmosphere of the room.

coffee table styled in rustic style

Hopefully we inspired you to transform your coffee table. Don’t forget to follow us on Instagram for more inspiration and updates!

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